Applications Procedure
University Loan Application Vocational Scholarship Application

1.     Fill the following form: and submit

2.         Click "Download" to download the "Loan Application" and fill it out using a computer (save the file in the following format PSF2022_yourfullname) and send it to the following email ([email protected]) with the required scanned documents.

3.     Attach the following scanned documents in PDF formats

  • Photo.
  • School grades of 11th and 12th classes (العلامات المدرسية لصفيّ الحادي عشر والثاني عشر)
  • University Acceptance if available (القبول الجامعي ان توفر).
  • SAT scores (if available)
  • Last transcript issued by the university (for University Students) if available (علامات آخر فصل).
  • Photocopy of the Identity card (صورة عن الهوية).
  • Photocopy of UNRWA registration card (صورة عن كرت الأعاشة مصدقة من الأنروا).
  • Palestinian Refugee Family Status- photo copy if available (إخراج قيد عائلي)
Note: Two photographs (صورتين شمسيتين) and all the original documents should be submitted to PSF’s office upon request.

  1. Download the application form (PSF Vocational Scholarship Application)
  2.  Print the empty application on paper (hard copy)
  3. Fill it manually with clear handwriting
  4.  Photocopy and send to the following email

[email protected] with the following documents:

o        صورة عن الهوية       

o        صورة شمسية

o        صورة عن كرت الاعاشة

o        صورة عن علامات الصف التاسع و/أو العاشر

Note: Keep checking your emails (your Junk or Spam mail too) regularly to follow up with us concerning your application.