Marwa Mahmoud Ibrahim
Civil Engineer (Beirut Arab University)

Marwa Mahmoud wrote the following:

Thanks to the unlimited assistance provided to me by the Palestinian Students Fund accompanied by the determination and determination of me, after God, thank God, I completed my university studies in civil engineering at Beirut Arab University with a good degree well in 2019 and by this I have come a long way in achieving my dream, and now I work hard on achieving the remainder of it as this hunger for excellence and success enabled me to obtain a scholarship to study for a master's degree at the University of Calgary in Canada under the title "The Use of Fiber Reinforced Polymer and Shape Memory Alloy for Strengthening of Reinforced Concrete Structures", hoping Reaching the target, God willing.

"With the support of PSF, I have come a long way in achieving my dream and working hard to achieve the remainder of it"


Marwa Mahmoud Ibrahim

Chahd Mazayan
Medical Degree (Lebanese American University)

"My University Journey changed my life"
University years were full of learning, making friends, and getting to know the world through workshops and volunteering activities that were offered by the university. It was full of failure and success, which taught me to never give up and to keep trying until I reach my goal. It was an important preparation for the life ahead of me.
My final year in medical school was definitely the most challenging. The world was facing a pandemic (COVID-19), and we, as interns at the hospital, were in the frontlines to face this disease. We did not know much about it and we were obliged to take some of our clerkships online to decrease the load of personnel at the hospital. It was not a regular experience but at the end we managed to finish our academic year and get the education that we were supposed to gain regardless of the obstacles.
Now, I graduated and I am preparing to enter a Master’s program abroad. I continue to face several challenges due to the pandemic. I faced delays in my visa application because many offices are closed due to lockdowns, I lost some of the money that I have been saving for my education abroad because of the challenges that the banks are facing, and I was obliged to delay my admission at the university because of travel restrictions. But as I have been taught at the university. I shall never give up. My education might get delayed for some time because of these restrictions, but at the end I will get there and I will definitely reach my goal

Chahd Mazayan

Ahmad Khaled Al Ayouti, Nursing, BAU
I was raised in a supportive family who stood by me throughout my journey of studying nursing at Beirut Arab University. This family consists of caring parents and a compassionate sister who were always by my side no matter what. In my previous years I attended Al-Hariri College to pursue my PN studies at an early age. After that my friends referred me to Beirut Arab University to continue my RN studies there. During those three years I faced different obstacles that helped me become the person I am today. The major problem was that I was working and studying at the same time. This increased my stress especially when I had an overload of exams and assignments with deadlines to finish. I was always tired and had difficulty managing my time, but eventually I was able to balance between the two. My university life was really beneficial, I was gaining knowledge and new information every single day and I loved it. I was also strengthening my practical skills through the clinical shifts that were assigned for us by the university. I made a lot of friends throughout the years who are still standing by my side up until now. On the other hand, my final year was the most stressful one. From the pandemic, to the online learning, to the canceled clinical hours, to the ongoing delay of the colloquium exam. It was an unforgettable year that had its own taste. Now I’m planning to become a qualified RN at Makassed General Hospital, and if I get a job opportunity outside the country, I would surely be willing to take it. I’m also willing to pursue my Masters and PHD degrees as soon as I get the chance.

Ahmed Khaled Ayouti