Ahmad Abo Assaad, from Oman:
First, I am Pleased to convey my appreciation to Palestinian Student Fund for its generous support they extended to me through my studies at the American University of Beirut. Secondly, I would like to thank PSF and its staff for all the services they have provided to me in order to have a brilliant career in civil and environmental engineering. PSF's support to me opened the door of success for me and to be employed at one of the biggest companies in the world namely CCC (Consolidated Contractors Company).Being graduated from a reputable university such as AUB, and working as a Head section engineer for five big buildings, gives me the strength to be independent and fruitful for the society as a whole.  Finally, I  want to thank again  PSF staff for their kind, unlimited, and  continuous  support to Palestinian students and which  gave  me and my colleagues the feeling that we are in a  family.

Ahmad Abu Assaad

Mechanical engineer  
"The dream of continuing my education was not possible to be achieved  without the generous support of PSF. I am presently employed in Consolidated Contractors Company (CCC)"
Ahmad Akkila wrote:“Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world”
                                                                                         Nelson Mandela

Ahmad Akkila

Mohammad Abu Jmeia, mechanical engineer: I was unable as most of my friends to continue my studies without the support of PSF. I graduated as a mechanical Engineer and I am working  in a prominent company in UAE

Mohammad Abu Jmeia, Lead Procurement Engineer in a prominent company in UAE wrote the following:

I, Mohammad Salim Abu Jmeia, who benefited from the Palestinian Students' Fund between years 2002 and 2007 want to express my deep appreciation and thanks to PSF for all the support it granted me in order to complete my education as a mechanical Engineer in Beirut Arab University. I was unable, as most of my friends, to complete my studies without the support of PSF. This is due to the prevailing difficult situation of the Palestinian people in Lebanon

Mohammad Abu Jmeia